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How to pack delicate items

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What equipment do I need?

Packing delicate items can seem much more intimidating than it actually is. Although it can be a fiddly, time-consuming process, once you are fully equipped with the basics you will be well underway. Firstly, be on the lookout for a box with thick cardboard, as this will be the first point of protection between the package handlers and your precious item. Make sure that there is a sufficient gap between the edge of the box and your item so you can fit adequate padding such as bubble wrap and packaging tape inside. Despite being a common packing material, it is not advisable to use newspaper as the print can rub off easily onto the item you are packing.

How to pack my item

Once you have constructed your box, it is easy to forget that you need a couple of inches of padding all the way around the item. Carefully wrap the item itself in bubble wrap a few times; even if you think you have done it enough, wrap it again a couple more times just to be on the safe side.

It is essential to not give the fragile item any room to move during the transportation process to avoid any risk of breakages. When it comes to sealing the box, you need to make sure every single edge is taped to ensure the object is packed securely.

packing materials

Item placement

In an ideal world, we would pack all of our fragile items in completely separate boxes. This, however, can be rather inconvenient and costly. If you do need to pack fragile items all in one box, the first thing you need to do is to ensure the box is of relevant size to give each item sufficient space.

If you are packing more than one item, make sure the heaviest goes in first. Each item needs to be covered in bubble wrap separately and if you do need to place them on top of each other, a layer of cardboard can help. Cardboard dividers are ideal if you can get your hands on them, but if not, they can easily be constructed using pieces of cardboard.

When packaging multiple items, it is important to remember that each item still needs space either side using a filler of your choice. The fragile items should not come into contact with each other under any circumstances, and it is always worth doing a test at home, gently moving the box before you seal it to see how it will hold up in transit.

Since 2001, our expert removals team here at United Removers have been delivering a comprehensive removals and storage service for both domestic and commercial clients throughout Scarborough and Bridlington. Whether you are moving home or relocating office, efficient packing of your belongings is essential for complete protection. We offer an extensive range of packing materials including boxes, tape and protective wrappings for ultimate convenience.

packing materials

Alternatively, our team of professional packers offer a complete packing service tailored to meet your individual needs using top quality materials and boxes to ensure total safety during transit. Simply give us a ring or contact us online today for further information.

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